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Deepak Singhal

Has more than fifteen years of experience in the Indian financial markets, his main domain being life insurance, mutual funds distribution and equity markets.

He specializes in wealth consolidation services catering to high net worth individuals in the corporate sector. He has a good clientele of people working in MNCs and blue-chip companies across India and abroad.

Our Mission :

We will make a financial plan after understanding your needs, financial position and goals. We will execute the plan by identifying the right mix of investments for you.

  • Think about return and risk in the same breath.
  • Stay focused on your goals.
  • Invest for peace of mind.

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Our Commitment

We have one goal, to help you achieve yours!

Just Think it over

You may have heard the popular saying: a picture is worth a thousand words. Images are more memorable than words.

Pictures have the power to convey even the most difficult things in an easier and simpler way!
We aimed to do the same, to convey effective messages in a simple way,s will leave a mark for lifetime

Why Invest

  • To beat Inflation
  • To create wealth
  • To fund future needs
  • To meet contingencies
  • To maintain same standard of living after retirement

Why Life Insurance

In today’s environment, life is full of uncertainties. Even the best precautions can be overpowered by the forces of nature & man-made perils.

Life Insurance protects the dependents against the loss of earning power in case any eventuality befalls you.

It is a simple & convenient way to ensure your peace of mind.

  • You carry the bulk or a major part of the financial load at home
  • You are supporting your parents
  • You are the sole earning member in your family
  • You have young children
  • Your spouse does not work

If you identify with, any of the above, then you must consider Life Insurance.

Why Health Insurance

Health insurance is an essential aspect of modern life and plays a critical role in providing financial security for people during medical emergencies.

It ensures that individuals can access quality healthcare services without worrying about the high costs associated with medical treatment.

Why Retirement Planning

Maintain the Standard of Living

The lifestyle we lead today is because of the income we receive every month. Investing in a retirement plan is necessary to ensure this same standard of living post-retirement. That will help you with a steady income every month even after retiring

Must see videos

Videos also convey information in a more compelling and memorable ways, in a clear & concise manner and makes a lasting impression.

Few Plans of your interest

Some of the good plans designed which may be further customised as per your needs & future requirements



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